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Quickest Way to gain XP

There are two forms of XP in War Dragons. One being XP earned by dragons to level up, and the other being player XP, which is required to rise in level to gain access to newer and more powerful stuff.

Dragon Experience

A players level determines the maximum number of experience points earned by a dragon. For example, at the lowly level of 1, a player can earn up to 102 experience for his dragons at a time. However, once you reach level 148, the cap for experience is a whopping 38,700!

Clearly, the best way to level dragons is to gain levels – attacking the easiest base possible that earns the dragon maximum XP for your level at the time. There are a number of bases that players use, known as training bases, that achieve this to great effect.

Joining a team with higher level players than you will help greatly. Having one player join to help, using just one dragon each will still give you maximum XP. It is normally considered polite to ask if you swap out a dragon at the start to reduce healing times.

Using multipliers is important. For your weak dragons, you are going to want to ask for help from your team so that you can maximize the x5, x4 and x3 multipliers. Once your multipliers have been used, a great way to gain quick XP for your weak dragons is to join as many of your team mates battles as possible and ask if you can kill the base at the end.

Player Experience

There are two ways to gain experience. The quick way, and the right way. See, lower level towers give more xp per time spent than higher level towers. But having a base full of weak towers (a long base) is significantly worse than a base full of strong towers (a short base).

Some might argue that base defence really doesn’t matter – since there are always dragons that can smash your base in one attack. At the end of the day, choose a strategy that you feel comfortable with and stick to it.

Using rubies for timers is essential when trying to level up fast, as is having a team that can help you with wood donations. If you have spare cash, sometimes it can be really worth it to buy 10 gold chests during events – but the special value packs often hold 17,500 rubies and 32x 12 hour timers, which is a lot of timers for towers!


XP Event


This is a new event from all we have seen, and it certainly raises some valid questions and tactics.

How will XP gains be calculated?

From all we have seen on Amoeba’s website, players earn experience based upon their level. So a level 1 player earns a maximum of 4xp per attack (plus elite and research bonuses), whereas a level 148+ player will earn a whopping 38,697xp per attack on a base that gives them maximum XP.

With the right backing up, we can see high level players running amok with the backup of their allies and using all of their multipliers up on their whole stable and not just roster for huge points.

When will the event start?

With XP multipliers being a massive factor in points earned, we are crossing our fingers that every player will be given a level playing field. The only way to do this is to have the event start at the daily reset time in our minds.

When will we next see a cool portrait?

It’s been a long time now, and it seems like the special ‘Chosen One’ portraits being generated for the top 6 teams during December are taking their sweet time to arrive in play. We hope that PocketGems find it within their means to spend some time designing some new portraits for the masses!