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Hunter, Warrior or Sorcerer?


At lower levels, sorcerers can be deadly things. Their area effect spells and summon warrior abilities allow them to stay alive for a very long time.

Unfortunately, as towers become stronger and mage towers appear, using a sorcerer is an exercise in futility. Add a canny defender on top of this, and all of a sudden your dragon is next to worthless as the method of attacking means that concentrated fire is impossible to quickly reduce a tower to dust.

Having said that, one of the best things you can do once it becomes available is to buy Darja. This dragon is incredibly strong, offering not only protection in the form of a Summoned Warrior, but also Reverse Projectiles and Chain Lightning. Darja can easily last you into your sixties and is strong all the way through until then.


The go to guy when things start getting serious. Warriors have the highest hitpoints of all dragons, and can focus their fire on one tower, making them perfect for attacking defended bases. Not only that, but they have many different dragons with the Explosive Shield spell which is an incredibly powerful spell.

Although Amarok is really strong, be wary of using all of your tokens to get him as soon as you see him. This can leave you with a long period of time with few strong dragons, and the token use to obtain him is much higher than a more economical method.


Some of the very best dragons are hunters, and they are deadly when used right. Many people make the mistake of tapping just a single tower when attacking with a hunter, but the fact is that they utilise the multi-touch technology of the iphone quite comfortably. With a claw like shape, there’s nothing stopping you from taking out as many as five towers all at the same time (though most top players concentrate on just three).

Hunters are really economical users of rage for the most part, with Lockdown and Deathgaze taking just one rage per shot. With Healing Mark, dragons like Drude and Ettin can be back in action in no time if they are able to complete on full health. This makes them great for helping out the weaker players in your team.