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Hunter Spells

IconNameDescriptionRage CostDurationCooldown
CloakCloakConceals your dragon so that enemy towers cannot attack. Blue mages cancel this effect.112 seconds3 seconds
DeathgazeDeath GazeDestroys one tower regardless of health. Nearby red mage towers protect against Death Gaze1--
EvasionEvasionFor 4.5 seconds, your dragon will fly 5 times faster, with a 75% chance of dodging incoming missiles. Lightning appears to be unaffected!24.5 seconds-
GalvanicGalvanic OverloadInitial cast deals between 110% and 200% of your dragon’s HP to a tower. If this destroys the tower, the second cast pops up that allows 1 bar of rage to be regained at a cost of 10% of your dragons health.1-4 seconds
HavocHavocYour dragon will do 250% damage34.5 seconds-
Healing MarkHealing MarkCast upon a tower. When destroyed, your dragon will regain 10% of its health.1--
LockdownLockdownPrevents a tower from doing anything until damaged again.1--
SacrificeSacrificeDeals 15% damage to your dragon in exchange for you gaining 2 rage points.0-8 seconds
Self DestructSelf DestructDeals between 65% and 115% of your dragon HP to towers in an area.24 seconds
Steal EssenceSteal EssenceWhenever your dragon kills a tower, it gains an ability based upon the tower destroyed as below:

Red Mage Tower – Reverse Projectiles
Blue Mage Tower – Explosive Shield
Trebuchet – Freeze
Cannon Tower – Stoneskin Shield
Archer Tower – Fireball
Ice Tower – Wind Wall
Lightning Tower – Lightning Bolt
Storm Tower – Globe of Invulnerability
Poison Tower – Cure Poison
Lumber Mills – Rejuvenation
Farm – Healing Mark

Sorcerer Spells

IconNameDescriptionRage CostDurationCooldown
Chain LightningChain LightningSends an unpredictable lightning bolt that bounces off 4 towers and/or monuments. Does between 33% and 60% of max HP in damage.2--
Elemental MayhemElemental MayhemTargets Storm Towers, Lightning Towers, Ice Turrets and causes them to damage each other.24 seconds-
FireballFireballLarge area effect damage spell that deals between 50% and 90% of your dragons max HP.3--
FreezeFreezeLarge area effect spell that deals between 13% and 24% of your dragons max HP and prevents the tower from attacking.27 seconds-
Frozen TombFrozen TombFirst cast is the same effect as Freeze. Empowered version deals between 5% and 10% of dragons max HP to frozen towers, and adds a shield that can absorb 5%-10% to the dragon.27 seconds-
Invincibility ShieldInvincibility ShieldProvides a barrier against all damage for a limited duration. Blue mage tower cancels effect.26 seconds-
Reverse ProjectilesReverse ProjectilesReturns projectiles to deal damage to originating tower.23.5 seconds-
Rising PhoenixRising PhoenixIf your dragon dies during the duration of the spell, it deals between 10% and 20% of its max HP in a radius and heals back to 80% of max HP.25 seconds-
Spell FluxSpell FluxDestroys one tower in order of:

Red Mage
Blue Mage
Storm Tower
Ice Turret
Archer Tower
Cannon Tower
Trebuchet Tower
Lightning Tower

Then deals between 7% and 12% of max HP in damage to surrounding towers.
2-1 second
Summon WarriorSummon WarriorSummons a powerful dragon to defend and fight for you!3--
ThunderstormThunderstormFires ten lightning bolts dealing between 17% and 29% of dragons max HP to anything it hits.25 seconds-

Warrior Spells

IconNameDescriptionRage CostDurationCooldown
Battle CryBattle CryIncreases damage done by your dragon (and subsequent dragons) by 25% per casting.3--
Cure PoisonCure PoisonClears all poison damage, heals dragon for 3% of max HP.13 seconds-
Explosive ShieldExplosive ShieldPuts up a shield that prevents all damage until the end of its duration or damage of 21% of the dragon's max HP is dealt to it.
Deals between 9% and 17% of the dragons max HP to surrounding towers.
27 seconds-
Intimidating RoarIntimidating RoarReduces damage output of affected towers by 50%. Deals between 9% and 14% of dragons max HP to group of towers.2--
RejuvunateRejuvenateHeals 13% of dragons max HP over the duration of the spell effect.25 seconds-
Seething SparkSeething SparkFirst cast increases damage of dragon by 25%.
Second cast deals between 4.5% and 7% of dragons max HP to towers in range and stuns them for 4.5 seconds.
14.5 seconds-
Stoneskin ShieldStoneskinPuts up a shield that reduces damage by 50%.25 seconds-
Vampiric TouchVampiric TouchPlaces a buff on your dragon. For the duration, whenever a tower is destroyed your dragon will regain 4% of its max HP and a third of a rage bar.37 seconds-
Wind WallWind WallFor the duration, all projectiles from archer, ballista, trebuchet and cannon towers will be deflected.23.5 seconds-

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