Event Guide – Blackbloods

Blackblood Guide

The purpose of this guide is to first of all give you access to the base maps of each and every base so that you can plan your attacks. Secondly, we will be accepting video footage for each base so that if you are having a hard time defeating a base you can study and learn from those who have defeated it.

It’s easy enough to smash through all the lower level bases with high level dragons, but we will be looking to complete each base with the lowest tier dragons possible!

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Titan (level 5)

Level 1
Defeat this or quit now!

This is the first base you will come up against. To be fair, if you can’t beat this base with Frigg then you probably want to quit while you are ahead!

Deathclaw (level 8)

DeathclawOnly a little tougher than Titan. Easily done with our expert Frigg.

Laria (level 10)

LariaFrigg still working his butt off and finished on a third health. Havoc plays its part in an important victory for low tier dragons.

Thorn (level 12)


We wanted to finish Thorn with Frigg to make him feel good about himself. He wasn’t quite tough enough, so we used Trollis instead. This hunk of a dragon managed to complete the base in less than a minute.

Havoc on the 2nd and last island with triple tap won the day and he finished up with just 10% health. He knew the next map would be difficult.

Gustav (level 16)

GustavTrollis started where he left off, going in full pelt. To be honest, if we had tapped once more on a few towers, he may have completed the whole run. As it was, Trollis ran out of steam at the last island with 91% defeated. Frigg could have enjoyed a small resurgance, but we had since kicked him to the kerb and Hydron enjoyed a bite sized snack.

Titan (level 20)

Titan Level 20The titan gets a huge upgrade here, with a jump in defense power from Gustav’s 1,500 to over 3,500. Unfortunately, this puts a the young reds at a disadvantage and we were forced to go with Dactyl on this run.

You could probably do it with a different combo, but hunters with Havoc seem to be ripping up the bases beautifully so far. The good thing about this base is that there are no red mage towers, so sorcerers may be a good bet too.

Deathclaw (level 24)

Deathclaw Level 24This base is totally doable with Dactyl again. The first island is a rage builder, and you can drop Havoc and take out seven towers with ease. The last two will fall quickly after that, and then by the time you get to island 2 you will have plenty of health left.

On island 2, just triple tap the first three towers, finish off the last two and your rage will be full up.

Approach the final island, make sure your hunter energy is full up, then as you swing the corner pop Havoc again and the last island will fall with ease.

Laria (level 28)

Laria 28Even with a power boost, still easily doable with expert Dactyl plus one other. The blue mage tower on island 2 does mess around with using Havoc, so just blast it away and then activate.

Thorn (level 32)

Thorn 32This is where there starts to be a larger shift in power. Each base you are going to see from now on is going to be exponentially more difficult. Instead of Dactyl being doable, he went to being able to clear 50%, with Borg leading the way and a final dragon needed just to kill the base.

With a bit more luck, and maybe a touch of skill this could probably be done with just those two dragons alone.

Gustav (level 40)

Gustav 40There are a bunch of lightning towers on this base, and if you have lightning resist boosts you could certainly do this in less dragons. We went with Borg to start, who cleared and locked down half the base by himself. Good lad!

Dactyl followed, but couldn’t quite finish so Gog stepped up and finished off the base (only just mind you!)

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