Event Guide – Blackbloods (Bases 21-30)

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Unfortunately we stuffed up on our recording here, and no videos are available.

Titan (level 160) – Base 21

Titan 160This base was quite simple, as there are no mage towers at all. Ettin had a field day with his Cloak, taking out towers and taking the time to use Healing Mark on monuments when possible.

One the final island, we simply did as much damage as possible then used Self Destruct, to follow with Amarok for a simple time of it.

Deathclaw (level 170) – Base 22

Deathclaw 170

This is as far as we are likely to make it. It took Ettin with his amazing Cloaking skills to pick off towers here and there. In fact, with these towers it was clear that our level 18 Ettin was lacking the firepower to take them down two at a time, so we ended up picking them off one at a time and finishing another as we flew past it.

Amarok followed, using his Explosive Shield, but even the mighty Rok couldn’t get past the last island. Sobek 16 took over and finished on 20% health.

Laria (level 180) – Base 23

Laria 180Die won’t you! We are at an impasse here….


More coming soon!

Preview of upcoming bases (not defeated by us, unfortunately!)

Thorn 190
Thorn 190 – Base 24
Gustav 200
Gustav 200 – Base 25
Titan 210
Titan 210 – Base 26
Deathclaw 220
Deathclaw 220 – Base 27
Laria 230
Laria 230 – Base 28
Thorn 240
Thorn 240 – Base 29
Gustav 243
Gustav 243 – Base 30

Exclusive peek at the last base going down! Expert Consurgens at his best.

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