The pinnacle of the red dragon breeding chain, you are going to be using Kinnara for a long time. Even though this is a sorcerer, because its so powerful early on it still has a fighting chance. Summoned Warriors make great meat shields, and if you’re fortunate enough not to face too many red mage towers you can do some major damage with Chain Lightning.

It is important that you make sure that you research for extra Rage as soon as you can when you get Kinnara, as having those extra rage points means you can start summoning your protective dragon shield as soon as possible.

An expert Kinnara is still able to take on bases of level 30 or so.

Breeding Kinnara

Although it is tempting to use Zin and Aetrix to breed Kinnara, you are better off waiting until you have bred and leveled Merk and Trollis to breed Kinnara as the chance of obtaining a fragment for Kinnara eggs jumps from 19% to 50% using this combination.

Dragon Values

Maximum Attack: 18,569

Maximum Health: 122,234


Summon Warrior

Chain Lightning

Storm Resist

A guide to using Kinnara

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