Hext is good when you first hatch him, and then quickly loses his value as an attacker. Even so, he is often used even by high level players in events such as conquer as he has ridiculously low healing times and it means potions don’t need to be used to have him back in your team. When used to apply an extra Inner Fire spell he is really useful to have in your team.

Because of his crazy low heal times, this dragon is actually not bad to have in your line-up at all times simply to allow you to join in on your team mates attacks for some resources and boosts. If your team mate actually needs a hand though, you probably don’t want to use him to attack or else you will quickly find yourself without a team!

Breeding Hext

You’re probably going to be breeding Hext using a combo of either Frigg and Hantu, Leviathan and Kastor, or Kastor and Hantu.

Dragon Values

Maximum Attack: 4,278

Maximum Health: 19,037



Archer Resist

A guide to using Hext



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