Sorcerers, we hate thee. Though throw in Chain Lightning and Globe of Invulnerability and all of a sudden we start to rub our hands in glee!

Against bases with alternating defenses of red and blue mages, this dragon laps it up. Start bunching red and blue mages together though and this dragon starts to wilt.

Like all dragons with red and blue spells, you can usually find something that fits the bill.

Our experience was different, mainly due to the fact that we bred Garuda when we were starting our journey into blue dragons.

Breeding Garuda

We had a go with Merk and Baldr, but there are loads of combos out there such as Draco and Vazir, and many combos involving Jura.

Dragon Values

Maximum Attack: 12,505

Maximum Health: 80,785


Chain Lightning

Invincibility Shield

A guide to using Garuda

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