Dactyl is ok, and fortunately what seems to be a weakness is actually more of a bonus at lower levels. That’s when players don’t realise how useless ballista towers are and they seem quite abundant. With Ballista resist in place, Dactyl can work in unexpected places.

Havoc is a great skill, but at the cost of 3 rage it’s not going to get nearly as much use as you would like. Using that triple tap technique when havoc is in play is total fun, as you watch a bunch of towers go down in quick succession.

All in all though, don’t be too surprised to see him be replaced quickly.

Breeding Dactyl

Dactyl is simply bred with Hantu and Kastor with 200 tokens or less.

Dragon Values

Maximum Attack: 11,770

Maximum Health: 76,033



Ballista Resist

A guide to using Dactyl

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