Luminark can be a really great dragon when used in the right places. The changes to the Red Mage towers briefly made Luminark fantastic, with the supershot no longer killing his Summoned Warrior. However, recent changes make the Summon Warrior a risky proposition.

For bases that are poorly set up to counter shield style spells, Luminark is great to use and there are many times where you can use Luminark without even taking a sliver of health off. Globe of Invulnerability is a wonderful spell, but be careful of those cannons!

Breeding Luminark

Luminark is commonly bred as a side project. There are many combinations, but by breeding Slynx and Habrok, Etzel and Habrok, Volos and Sahran during your stretch through Orange you will end up with Luminark almost by coincidence.

Dragon Values

Maximum Attack: 40,299

Maximum Health: 308,561


Summon Warrior

Globe of Invincibility

Archer Resist

A guide to using Luminark

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