When you get Enki, it becomes a game changer. Taking out strategic targets in a base is never easier until now. Shoot down Blue mage towers and then Cloak. When you are passing the last few towers of an island, bash like crazy on them to take down 2 or 3 towers with ease.

Death Gaze makes taking down even the highest level towers a breeze at the crazy cheap price of 1 rage.

Highly recommended dragon, and if you choose this route, breeds Urd, Nix and Ettin for 27k tokens late on

Breeding Enki (link to Amoeba website)

Breed Enki during some of your progress to other dragons using Bronze and Lucius, then Bronze and Garzev.

Dragon Values

Maximum Attack: 37,930

Maximum Health: 290,410


Death Gaze


Trebuchet Resist

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