Durga is a very strong dragon with several great offensive and defensive abilities of red and blue colours. It also has Lightning Resist, which is very effective at the time you obtain him.

Durga can take down whole islands with ease using Chain Lightning, and if you haven’t got additional chain lightning bounces by now, you really should research it.

He’s no Amarok for sure, and if you are trying to pick which Legendary orange dragon to go for we would recommend Amarok each and every time. Still, there are combo’s that give Durga for cheap and it’s well worth picking him up then.

Breeding Durga (link to Amoeba website)

Etzel and Elixis give access to Durga for virtually nothing with 100% success rate.

Dragon Values

Maximum Attack: 94,353

Maximum Health: 829,843


Chain Lightning

Reverse Projectiles

Globe of Invulnerability

Lightning Resist

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