Amarok is the first dragon that most players start dreaming of. And it’s usually after being blown away by the sheer toughness of the beast obliterating their base without a problem. Amarok is crazy tough for a number of reasons: Cannon Resist, Archer Resist and one of the best defensive spells in the game Explosive Shield.

Because Amarok is a warrior it can take down single towers with ease, it makes taking down bases quite simple. Most decent players will scope out a base before attacking and shore up their defenses if a player has an unbalanced number of lightning or trebuchet towers. This is where as a defender you want to think about what makes Amarok tick. Protecting your blue mage towers is going to be essential to stopping Explosive Shield wrecking your base, and draining rage is of utmost importance.

As an attacker with Amarok, with defenders on the opposing team you are usually going to find that you have very little rage to spend. Unless you are setting up for a follow up attack and clearing out mage towers, you probably want to focus your attention on the damage dealing towers first.

Breeding Amarok

If you can wait long enough, having Baldr and Ith in your team will allow you to breed Amarok with 100% chance of success. This allows you to have Amarok for very few tokens at the cost of having to wait until you are already breeding green dragons. However, you may get some tokens while looking for other dragons using combinations of Baldr and a range of dragons. As all other combinations have just a 2% chance of producing an Amarok token, this results in a hefty price tag of 60,000 tokens by choosing the long route.

Dragon Values

Maximum Attack: 99,910

Maximum Health:1,073,915


Cure Poison

Explosive Shield

Archer Resist

Cannon Resist

A guide to using Amarok

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