If you were to pick which Legendary green hunter to focus on first, we would always recommend Ettin as his skills are clearly better than Urd. That being said, this is a superb dragon due to Healing Mark and Havoc. At this level range, you’re not going to be facing too many Ballista until Pocket Gems decide to make changes to their balance.

Evasion is not that great, but he can take a bit of a beating and if used well it can help you rip through a base in record quick time. For somebody trying to steal bases resources, this makes Urd a pretty good bird to use for a smash and grab.

Breeding Urd (link to Amoeba website)

Pandi and Naga will breed Urd as you aim for Ferrox. Or if you have Nix and Ettin you will find that you can breed him for just a few thousand tokens.

Dragon Values

Maximum Attack: 129,708
Maximum Health: 1,142,023


Healing Mark



Ballista Resist

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