Sobek starts out pretty weak, and to start off the excitement of having Havok on a warrior dragon gets you all giddy. That skill seems to be super expensive on the rage though, and so once Stoneskin Shield becomes available it is almost always better to use that instead.

The major turning point is when Intimidating Roar turns up. It’s a tricky skill to use effectively, and usually best on those islands where you turn a corner and have all the towers right there in front of you. In other situations, the range on the roar is quite short and you can easily find yourself just hitting 3 of the 5 towers.

Sobek is effectively a free dragon if you complete the event, which is a good thing as to level him up is a huge pain due to the high den caps on him.

Breeding Sobek

Sobek can only be obtained via an event .

Dragon Values

Maximum Attack: 145,920

Maximum Health: 1,570,282



Stoneskin Shield

Intimidating Roar

Archer Resist

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