Nix is a great dragon if you want to breed a bunch of dragons easily. Not so great a dragon if you actually want to rip through a base. The problem (as always) is simply that you just can’t pump out enough damage on well organised and defended bases.  Fireball is too expensive to use, Elemental Mayhem too situational, which leaves Globe of Invincibility as your best spell.

Cannon Resist is useful, but we really advice that you leave Nix alone and concentrate your efforts elsewhere.

Breeding Nix (link to Amoeba website)

Enki and Elixis will get Nix (as well as Urd and Ettin) for 28k tokens, or if you want to wait you can get Nix as you are breeding for Khrysos.

Dragon Values

Maximum Attack: 137,814

Maximum Health: 1,213,400




Elemental Mayhem

Globe of Invulnerability

Cannon Resist

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