You will probably be disappointed in using Munin. Sure, he’s a legendary green dragon, but nothing really screams out as being exciting.

Everything is in the red mage spell category and you have to deal with the difficult attack method. The only redeeming feature of Munin is that both of his defensive spells cover the majority of attacks against you, so if a base is overloaded with towers of the same type on an island it can be a good way to break them down.

Overall though, we recommend Munin to breeding level only and then concentrating on filling up slots in your roster with gold dragons.

Breeding Munin (link to Amoeba website)

Basileus and Ith gives Munin in a touch over 3,000 tokens. Bander and Septys is also a good combo to back breed this dragon.

Dragon Values

Maximum Attack: 137,814

Maximum Health: 1,213,400




Elemental Mayhem

Reverse Projectiles

Storm Resist

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