Tears of joy will stream down your face once you have Ettin hatched. This dragon is too amazing for words. Healing Mark, Cloak and Self-Destruct topped off with a helping of Cannon Resist make for a really strong combination.

You can use Healing Mark liberally, keeping you alive for ages. If you are running low on health, Cloak until you are past an island and target some monuments with Healing Mark for a quick health boost to prepare you again.

If all that fails, Self-Destruct to wring that extra bit of completion from the base.

Breeding Ettin (link to Amoeba website)

Garvez and Gaspar should be your chosen route, for 27,000 tokens spent and Ith along the way.

Dragon Values

Maximum Attack: 129,708

Maximum Health: 1,142,023


Healing Mark


Self Destruct

Cannon Resist

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