Danzig (or Danny to some), is one beast of a dragon. Explosive Shield, Vampiric Touch and Wind Wall all make for potent abilities, though clearly Ballista Resist is going to leave you wondering how good this dragon would have been with a better resist.

Because health is now starting to make dragons able to withstand some immense punishment, you are able to make use of a 5 rage combo previously unavailable. Throw up your Explosive Shield, then time it right to put up Vampiric Touch just as you level a whole island with the aftershock.

In terms of numbers, you will get 4% of your health back and a third of a rage point for every building you kill this way, which can make for an extremely gratifying experience.

Breeding Danzig (link to Amoeba website)

Nassus and Naga are a good combo that nets both Danzig and Nix for 28k tokens. However, we prefer using Pandi and Naga on our way to Ferrox.

Dragon Values

Maximum Attack: 145,920

Maximum Health: 1,570,282


Vampiric Touch

Explosive Shield

Wind Wall

Ballista Resist

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