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We can’t wait to get our  hands on Yersinu and play test him. Being able to generate your own rage, then use the Steal Essence spell to gain great effects looks like a potent mix. Even at lower levels, reports are that Yersinu can really rock bases.

Steal Essence

Target a tower, and depending on what tower you target you gain one of the following.

  • Archer Tower – Fireball spell
  • Cannon Tower – Stoneskin Shield
  • Lightning Tower – Chain Lightning
  • Storm Tower – Globe of Invulnerability
  • Ballista Tower – Cure Poison
  • Blue Mage – Explosive Shield
  • Red Mage – Reverse Projectile
  • Farm – Healing Mark
  • Lumber Mills – Rejuvenation

Breeding Yersinu (link to Amoeba website)

Ettin and Danzig will have you on your way for 48k tokens

Dragon Values

Maximum Attack: 134,276

Maximum Health: 1,182,859



Steal Essence

Self Destruct


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