Kelsis is a beast, no doubt about that. With almost 300,000 hitpoints when expert, he packs a mighty punch. He will probably last you until the forties, by which time he starts to fade.

Battle Cry isn’t a great spell at this time because most bases are starting to include blue mage towers more regularly. If you find a base with few blue mage towers though, it really does make a difference and better to use than Stoneskin Shield. To top it off, Cannon Resist is also useful as there are still plenty of bases with lots of cannons at this point.

Breeding Kelsis

We had plenty of fragments from a mixture of Volos and Vladimir and Ankor and Baldr, but if you can hold out for it you can get 100% success with Bronze and Draco. That does mean holding out for a very long time as to get Bronze is 8,000 tokens or more.

Dragon Values

Maximum Attack: 31,750

Maximum Health: 296,800


Battle Cry

Stoneskin Shield

Cannon Resist

Guide to Kelsis

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