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Event info

Just in case you were wondering, the new miracle details are as follows:

  • This event runs pretty similar to Blackbloods, once you defeat a base you move on to a progressively harder base.
  • Each base belongs to a certain tier, and only dragons from that tier can be used to attack.
  • Once your dragons are out of hitpoints, they can’t be used again unless a miracle is used to revive them.

Miracles  have a cost related to the tier of dragon as follows, but as of yet it is unclear whether miracles will heal one dragon, all dragons or just all within a certain tier:

TierMiracle Cost

Capture the flag!

Hey all, looks like this weeks event is capture the flag.

We were pretty excited about this event the last time around, with the general idea being that you were involved in a series of mini wars where you captured the flags of your opponents.

The more flags you own, the more your points would be!

In terms of scoring, individually you earned points based on who you were attacking.

New Beta Event

Looks like Tuesday has a new beta event, which is interesting for sure. It promises great opportunities for teamwork, which is always good news.


The time has come to set sail and pursue vast riches rumored to lurk just over the horizon! Use lumber to build a fleet of ships, and send them out with your swashbuckling Admirals and powerful Dragons in search of Gold. Get ready, because the event goes live on Tuesday!

Win points by bringing Gold home, (beware, the voyage may be treacherous!) and destroying enemy fleets. Gold can be mined from gold mines, or stolen by destroying enemy fleets. Gold can be used build even more ships. Amass a big enough armada and you can blast enemies out of your territory and stake a claim to the best gold mines!

* This is a BETA event. As such, we’re running it as a “bonus” event starting Monday in between regularly scheduled events. April will feature a full slate of events, but by participating in this beta you’ll win even more prizes and get a head start on strategizing for this immersive team event. While this event is running this week, league promotions/demotions will not occur.

They giveth, and they taketh away

So the new event arrived. Players from all over were rejoicing as the seemingly easy rewards started flowing in. People in the US were totally ignorant of such things as they were all asleep like babies.

40 bases to kill, difficulty fairly simple. Remember, this is a Beta event though, and things could change.

And they did…

Not even a day into the event, with hundreds of players achieving maximum rewards, the event was changed with harder bases and new rules upon reset.

Pocket Gems, please remember to keep the playing field level! We now have a situation where a bunch of lucky players have gained an advantage of several thousand rubies and dozens of 12 hour time boosts to boot. In a game where this matters so much, why change mid way through the event?

Next event: Conquer event!

We love the conquer event (in theory). Grab as many acres as you can to prove world domination. What worries us are the settings for the chest farming.

Recent experience in the chest farming period has been quite grim. Last event, we had reports of 300+ bronze chests after the whole two days being opened to reveal just 2-3 energy packs. Not cool PG.

We want more rewards PocketGems! We urge you to turn back the clocks to December when the energy gods smiled upon us. More importantly, this is the final event in February where fragments for Bixi can be obtained. Don’t let this event turn into a damp squib.

XP Event


This is a new event from all we have seen, and it certainly raises some valid questions and tactics.

How will XP gains be calculated?

From all we have seen on Amoeba’s website, players earn experience based upon their level. So a level 1 player earns a maximum of 4xp per attack (plus elite and research bonuses), whereas a level 148+ player will earn a whopping 38,697xp per attack on a base that gives them maximum XP.

With the right backing up, we can see high level players running amok with the backup of their allies and using all of their multipliers up on their whole stable and not just roster for huge points.

When will the event start?

With XP multipliers being a massive factor in points earned, we are crossing our fingers that every player will be given a level playing field. The only way to do this is to have the event start at the daily reset time in our minds.

When will we next see a cool portrait?

It’s been a long time now, and it seems like the special ‘Chosen One’ portraits being generated for the top 6 teams during December are taking their sweet time to arrive in play. We hope that PocketGems find it within their means to spend some time designing some new portraits for the masses!


War of Infinite Battles – what it takes

UPDATE: Energy refills reset each skirmish, so the figures below are going to be way off!

If, like us, you’re wondering “Hey, just exactly what do I need to do to get maximum rewards?”, look no further!

Pocket Gems clearly have this overwhelming desire to cause sleepless nights for all of us, and if you ask us it’s just a touch unrealistic in our opinion to have such high demands on the players.

To reach the top tier of reward, you are basically looking at needing to  use raids and because the leader has double points you are usually going to want to attack him to save on energy. This strategy may of course change depending on the points he gives! Sometimes it is far more beneficial to attack the highest level player in a team if he gives you more points.

We worked our spreadsheet a little harder this week, and although the exact chests per refill are not known to us we applied what we think is a reasonable expectation. Hey look, we even decided to try to catch 6 hours sleep in the process!

TL:DR; Basically you are going to need to attack targets giving you 185 points or more and raid them the maximum number of times. If you do this, expect to have to use almost 300 energy chests to get maximum points!


Next event?

Whilst it is never easy to predict what event might crop up next, it seems like a long time coming since our last breeding event. That’s why we are tipping the next event to be a breeding event.

Have you been saving up your tokens?

Make sure you have a breeding strategy before you start, and if you run out of options don’t forget about those research eggs to help you gain more points!