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Platinum dragons breeding guide

Not quite pretty, but with the breeding event coming up it was important to get an extension for the breeding guide as you all know it!

This assumes you have chosen to breed Consurgens and Whalegnawer first as per our original breeding guide.

Tokens New Dragons Parent 1 Parent 2
32000 Mune Ferrox Consurgens
40000 Jagra,Shivano Whalegnawer Mune
64000 Rizar,Kaiju Shivano Jagra
5560 Khrysos Danzig Kaiju
6900 Sekoronos Basileus Jagra
2700 Cerbero Munin Kaiju
2400 Nosfer Pandi Rizar
64000 Necura, Vulcan, Kelvin Cerbero Nosfer

War Dragons – Breeding Guide

There are a bunch of breeding guides out there, and this one is basically a replication of the guide by Abombs from the Tactical Breeding Guide.

This is one of our favourite versions so far as it gives you all the dragons for a total of 516,000 tokens. It also gives you:

  • 47 red research eggs
  • 109 purple research eggs
  • 191 blue research eggs
  • 336 orange research eggs
  • 204 green research eggs
  • 17 gold research eggs
Aiming For Parent 1 Parent 2 Tokens Spent Spare Red Spare Purple Spare Blue Spare Orange Spare Green Spare Gold
Zin Draco Frigg 60 2
Leviathan Frigg Hext 60 2
Aetrix Draco Zin 100 4
Hantu Leviathan Aetrix 200 8
Merk Zin Aetrix 240 7
Kastor, Trollis Merk Frigg 200 4 1
Daemun, Kinnara Merk Trollis 200 2
Dactyl, Laekrian Hantu Kastor 240 8
Arborius, Borg Laekrian Daemun 2400 12 73
Gog, Klax, Kromon, Grypp Arborius Trollis 1000 5
Baldr, Viscus, Drude Grypp Kromon 3200 21 5
Alikorn Leviathan Viscus 40
Huli Dactyl Alikorn 40
Vladimir Huli Baldr 40
Garuda, Jura Merk Baldr 1000 7
Volos, Kobahl Jura Viscus 2400 17
Yanari Volos Vladimir 160
Sahran Volos Alikorn 160
Ankor Volos Sahran 5440 38 2
Slynx Ankor Baldr 300 2
Bolt Slynx Dactyl 180
Etzel Slynx Huli 240
Vazir Slynx Kinnara 120
Bronze Baldr Slynx 8000 68 28
Kelsis Bronze Draco 260
Habrok Bronze Drude 140
Lucius Habrok Etzel 8300 61 1
Gaspar, Luminark Lucius Bronze 8000 13
Kolo Gaspar Grypp 440
Ruma Gaspar Kelsis 440
Hydron* Gaspar Arborius 340
Garzev Gaspar Viscus 8000 13 1
Ith, Ettin Garzev Gaspar 27500 28
Amarok Ith Baldr 880
Durga* Ettin Luminark 1500
Enki Bronze Ettin 600
Noss** Garzev Baldr 900
Serabis Gaspar Luminark 7800 12
Septys Garzev Serabis 1460
Nassus, Naga Slynx Ruma 8000 267
Pandi, Elixis, Basileus Nassus Ettin 27500 25
Ferrox, Danzig, Urd Pandi Naga 27500 14
Karna Pandi Habrok 1800
Bander, Yersinu Ettin Danzig 48500 24
Munin Bander Septys 3100
Hugin Bander Kolo 2260
Caladbolg, Whalegnawer, Consurgens Yersinu Munin 100000 37 4
Sekoronos, Khrysos, Nix*** Ferrox Basileus 100000 34 8
Firactus Whalegnawer Karna 3400
Chthoteutos Serabis Sekoronos 100000 46 1
Lumen Whalegnawer Ith 1820

* Breeding Hydron and Durga at these stages is purely about getting a Legendary dragon at a point where it is useful. You can save tokens if you can be patient to breed later on with other combos as a byproduct.

** Noss, Vazir, Bolt, Vladimir and to an extent, Hugin are all steps that can be skipped when you reach them with this guide as they will be superfluous.

*** The jewel in the crown is that this method allows you to get Khrysos very early on if you wish. However, our feeling is that the Consurgens/Whalegnawer combo is more desired.

Abombs has since contacted me with an updated version of his methods as follows:

The early stages

Early Steps

Gold Dragons – Khrysos/Consurgens as first legendaries


Gold Dragons – Whalegnawer/Consurgens as first legendaries


Droyeuse: To breed or not to breed?

08/01/2016 Edit: The level caps have now been reduced in line with the current den requirements for the respective dragons (Sobek and Droyeuse).

Let’s face it, the last few events have taken their toll and the last thing you want to do is figure out whether all that work was worthwhile or not.

Here are the details:

Droyeuse is breedable with around 69,000 tokens. From all reports, you also get Elixis when you breed him.

If you are level 63 but less than 70

You should be able to breed him in your incubator if it is high enough level. If you are lower level than this, be thankful of Sobek as he seems to be shaping up to be a decent enough dragon.

At around level 63 you will be on your way to breeding gold dragons, if you haven’t already. That means that you will most probably have a few green legendary dragons and Amarok/Durga.

Amarok will be capped at level 24, which means he will have attack power of 73k and health of 791k

If you breed Droyeuse, he will have a starting attack power of 70k and health of 760k, which will be capped until you reach den 16.

This means that by blowing your tokens at level 63, you will end up with 60,000 tokens used on a dragon that is actually worse than Amarok (since Amarok has two resists, explosive shield and cure poison at this time).

If you are level 70+

If you are level 70 you are still going to want to consider if you want Droyeuse or not. By this time you will be well into breeding gold dragons, so by taking 60k tokens out of your pool you will be removing your progress towards any of the other gold dragons like Whalegnawer and Consurgens. At level 70, he only has access to Intimidating Roar, which his breeding buddy Sobek also has. There’s obviously a bit of difference in health/attack when comparing Sobek and Droyeuse at this time, but when you add 60k tokens into the mix you can easily start to regret your move.

If you also consider that with 50k tokens you can get both Yersinu and Bander, you probably start kicking yourself hard.


Don’t get Droyeuse unless you have nothing better to spend your tokens on. Since the den caps are higher than all other dragons in the game, it’s a complete waste of time waiting for him to reach the dizzy heights of the other legendary dragons.