Step 11

Building a better base

How to build an effective base

Although there are likely to be plenty of people who disagree with the effectiveness of this base at certain times, Salamanca was kind enough to provide step by step instructions on how to make a great base from scratch.

Obviously your results will vary, but so far popular opinion has it that having a short and strong base is much better than a long base with lower level towers.

Our steps might not be in line with Salamanca’s original guide, but we love pictures!

Rule 1: Er…there is no fight club?

Rule 2: Always keep clearing fog where possible. You are going to want to clear at least up to the long island with 10 slots.

Rule 3: Always upgrade your highest level towers where possible.

Step One

Well, we are cheating here because the tutorial is going to want you to do certain things. You will likely have at least an archer tower and maybe a cannon tower but heck, we can’t remember as it was easily 6 months since we did the tutorial. Position all of your resources at the start of your base.

Stage 1

Step Two

Start building up your archers as high as you can go. Put them at the front of your island for now.

Stage 2

Step Three

Get some variety in your defense, and throw up some cannon towers. When you can upgrade your highest level towers, do so. Keep doing this until you have grown high enough to build mage towers. Well, that’s what Salamanca says but we actually think that you might be building a few Storm towers before then as the mage towers are only available at about level 12/13.

Step 3

Step Four

As we suggested, you may not be able to do this step. Curse our luck for growing too high in level to know. Maybe our spreadsheet will have to come out shortly! Salamanca suggests that you start with a Red and Blue mage tower, and since there’s enough room on the beginning island, you may as well throw them in the empty spots!

Step 4

Step Five

Keep on upgrading those towers, and eventually you are going to want some Storm towers. Your starting island won’t have enough slots for all your towers, so now is the time to shift over to that really long island! Build a couple of Storm towers and build them up, always upgrading your biggest towers along the way.

Step 5

Step Six

Now we start putting up the Trebuchet’s, and a little moving around of the towers to accommodate them. This is where we start to think that more mage towers might be a better idea than Salamanca’s base plan, but each to their own!

Step 6

Step Seven

Your main defense is set, now to start putting in some defense in the rear. Build a bunch of lightning towers on your short island. Level them up when you can, but as always, don’t forget to go back and level up those highest level towers.

Step 7

Step Eight

Protect those lightning towers with a red and blue mage tower!

Step 8

Step Nine

Your final island starts to develop. We must add caution that by now you might well have started to think about more mage towers. We certainly feel that your long island needs more than just two. Certain levels have different dragons causing you bother, and by the time you are at this point you probably want to have at least one more blue mage tower thrown in instead of the first storm tower. For the moment, Salamanca suggests a trebuchet with your farms.

Step 9

Step Ten

Fix up some more final island defence with your choice of towers. It’s probably a great idea to add some more archer, cannon and trebuchet defense to equalise your tower numbers.

Step 10

Step Eleven

More mage towers to protect your final island. But don’t forget Rule 3!

Step 11

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