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Titan (level 45)

Titan 45You would think that not having mage towers would make it easier, right? Well not quite. From Gustav 40, this is a big jump in difficulty. We tried with Bolt (+Lightning Resist), Grypp and Gog but narrowly failed.

Figuring that Kinnara was likely at expert if you were here by now, we went with Kinnara, followed with Bolt (+Lightning Resist) and finished off the last bit with any dragon. One note here is that if you do use Kinnara, make sure you don’t bother with the Summoned Warrior like we did as it gets blown away. Chain Lightning is the preferred option by far.

Deathclaw (level 50)

Deathclaw 50Took us a little while to clear this one, mainly as we were trying to do it as cheaply as possible. At nearly 40k defense it’s no pushover, and the first island was deceptively tough to our Bolt.

By the time we had got to the third island, the poor hunter bit the dust and we finished up with a boosted Kinnara who got all the way to the end.

Laria (level 60)

Laria 60Things continue to escalate quickly! Taking a realistic view, for a level 60 base you are going to hope that you are level 45+ anyway. With that in mind, we chose expert level Kelsis and Drude. Kelsis got through to the third island, leaving a red mage on the first island to build up rage.

That actually didn’t work as well as we had hoped, as the red mage rapid fired us for 3 rage going through and we wonder if destroying it would have been better. Drude followed up and took out almost everything. If only for a bit better targeting on the cannons on the last island we are sure that this combo could have done it. As it happened, we had to finish off with a third dragon to defeat the last few towers.

Thorn (level 70)

Thorn 70Looking at this map, trying to figure out a plan of attack and it hit us. This base is simply perfect for Dodo! Start off and use Invulnerability, then again in the second grouping.

The third island, use Freeze, then on the next three batches you just need to keep invulnerability working as long as possible.

Yeah, we admit it. That was something we realised after we screwed up using Freeze too many times. It’s been quite some time since we used Dodo, so remembering that the Globe is by far his better spell was something we did after the event. Kelsis could then be used to finish off the last island but because of our screw up it was a case of dragging out Kinnara for the last few towers!

Gustav (level 75)

Gustav 75Boy! That escalated quickly. I mean, that really got out of hand fast!

We ain’t no Ron Burgundy, but all of a sudden it’s gone from Epic blue’s to finishing off a base to needing and Epic Orange dragon and more. We took out selective towers using Enki and Cloak, leaving random pieces for Dodo to follow with his Invulnerability. Again, some indecision cost us but we are confident that a more skilled player might get this done with just those two birds.

For us, we had to be content with a third dragon in attendance to finish off the base.

Titan (level 80)

Titan 80A lot easier to cope with, this time managing to take most of the base down with a fully boosted Hydron and Lightning Resist. We mopped up with a fully boosted Enki, but judging by the amount of health left we wish that we had tested if Dodo could have finished off that last bit.

Deathclaw (level 90)

Deathclaw 90We went in with Hydron to start, taking out what we could. He was fully boosted and had lightning resist. Then we mopped up with a fully boosted Enki with lightning resist. Thinking about it more clearly, we are sure that using Enki first and taking out towers with cloak would have been a much more profitable way, as we ran out of steam at 94% this way and had to finish off with another dragon.

Laria (level 110)

Laria 110It seems that the base defense powers are doubling now, and with that in mind we decided to kick it up to the green legendary dragons. Ettin level 17 went in fully boosted and took out every single mage tower via cloak. Heck, he even managed a few extra towers sneakily.

We reached the end with Ettin on 40% health, so we are certain that used a touch more aggressively he could have gone even better. As it was, we mopped up with Amarok 24 easily.

Thorn (level 130)

Thorn 130In what will become a recurring theme, we went with a boosted Ettin at level 18, who was able to use his power to take out two towers at a time, then clock.

Rinsing and repeating this until we were past the last short island, we blew up the final red tower and hit self destruct. Amarok had a fairly easy time of it after that, clearing the rest of the island.

Gustav (level 150)
Gustav 150

Tactically, everything here is the same as the previous base, just a little tougher. We are sure that there may have been a way to defeat Thorn 130 with lower level dragons, though at the time of writing we are just about reaching the limits of what we can achieve.

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