Platinum dragons breeding guide

Not quite pretty, but with the breeding event coming up it was important to get an extension for the breeding guide as you all know it!

This assumes you have chosen to breed Consurgens and Whalegnawer first as per our original breeding guide.

Tokens New Dragons Parent 1 Parent 2
32000 Mune Ferrox Consurgens
40000 Jagra,Shivano Whalegnawer Mune
64000 Rizar,Kaiju Shivano Jagra
5560 Khrysos Danzig Kaiju
6900 Sekoronos Basileus Jagra
2700 Cerbero Munin Kaiju
2400 Nosfer Pandi Rizar
64000 Necura, Vulcan, Kelvin Cerbero Nosfer

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