New Beta Event

Looks like Tuesday has a new beta event, which is interesting for sure. It promises great opportunities for teamwork, which is always good news.


The time has come to set sail and pursue vast riches rumored to lurk just over the horizon! Use lumber to build a fleet of ships, and send them out with your swashbuckling Admirals and powerful Dragons in search of Gold. Get ready, because the event goes live on Tuesday!

Win points by bringing Gold home, (beware, the voyage may be treacherous!) and destroying enemy fleets. Gold can be mined from gold mines, or stolen by destroying enemy fleets. Gold can be used build even more ships. Amass a big enough armada and you can blast enemies out of your territory and stake a claim to the best gold mines!

* This is a BETA event. As such, we’re running it as a “bonus” event starting Monday in between regularly scheduled events. April will feature a full slate of events, but by participating in this beta you’ll win even more prizes and get a head start on strategizing for this immersive team event. While this event is running this week, league promotions/demotions will not occur.

They giveth, and they taketh away

So the new event arrived. Players from all over were rejoicing as the seemingly easy rewards started flowing in. People in the US were totally ignorant of such things as they were all asleep like babies.

40 bases to kill, difficulty fairly simple. Remember, this is a Beta event though, and things could change.

And they did…

Not even a day into the event, with hundreds of players achieving maximum rewards, the event was changed with harder bases and new rules upon reset.

Pocket Gems, please remember to keep the playing field level! We now have a situation where a bunch of lucky players have gained an advantage of several thousand rubies and dozens of 12 hour time boosts to boot. In a game where this matters so much, why change mid way through the event?