War of Infinite Battles

War of Infinite Battles – what it takes

UPDATE: Energy refills reset each skirmish, so the figures below are going to be way off!

If, like us, you’re wondering “Hey, just exactly what do I need to do to get maximum rewards?”, look no further!

Pocket Gems clearly have this overwhelming desire to cause sleepless nights for all of us, and if you ask us it’s just a touch unrealistic in our opinion to have such high demands on the players.

To reach the top tier of reward, you are basically looking at needing to  use raids and because the leader has double points you are usually going to want to attack him to save on energy. This strategy may of course change depending on the points he gives! Sometimes it is far more beneficial to attack the highest level player in a team if he gives you more points.

We worked our spreadsheet a little harder this week, and although the exact chests per refill are not known to us we applied what we think is a reasonable expectation. Hey look, we even decided to try to catch 6 hours sleep in the process!

TL:DR; Basically you are going to need to attack targets giving you 185 points or more and raid them the maximum number of times. If you do this, expect to have to use almost 300 energy chests to get maximum points!


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