War Dragons

Dawn of the Runes

15/01/2016 Update

Check out Twitch – Pixxel on Thursday 21st at 3pm for the exclusive first look at the rune system!

We have no idea what is in store for War Dragons over the coming month with the recent announcement of the Dawn of the Runes.

An ancient power has awakened. Runes from the Age of Order are sparking with long lost magic. Dragons are growing restless, as archaic magic surges throughout the land. Could this be the power Gustav’s army has been tapping into?

This month introduces a brand new feature ready for you to harness – Runes! Keep an eye out for Runes that will be dropping throughout the game. As January unfolds, your most clever scholars will be studying how to harness this power to make your dragons and base more formidable than ever before. Prepare yourself this month as:

  • Starting with our War of Infinite Battles event, Runes will start dropping from treasure chests as prizes.
  • Runes will be dropping at an increased rate for this month’s events to celebrate the Dawn of Runes.
  • We will be releasing a set of Runes exclusive to this event.

What will these Runes do?

Will they be permanent or temporary in use?

Things could start getting quite complex in achieving the base defense of your dreams or fine tuning your dragon to be even more effective against certain base types. We certainly welcome an extra layer of strategy in choosing how to use runes effectively, though we have concerns that it may increase the gap between players on the fremium model vs the cash players.

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