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War Dragons – Breeding Guide

There are a bunch of breeding guides out there, and this one is basically a replication of the guide by Abombs from the Tactical Breeding Guide.

This is one of our favourite versions so far as it gives you all the dragons for a total of 516,000 tokens. It also gives you:

  • 47 red research eggs
  • 109 purple research eggs
  • 191 blue research eggs
  • 336 orange research eggs
  • 204 green research eggs
  • 17 gold research eggs
Aiming For Parent 1 Parent 2 Tokens Spent Spare Red Spare Purple Spare Blue Spare Orange Spare Green Spare Gold
Zin Draco Frigg 60 2
Leviathan Frigg Hext 60 2
Aetrix Draco Zin 100 4
Hantu Leviathan Aetrix 200 8
Merk Zin Aetrix 240 7
Kastor, Trollis Merk Frigg 200 4 1
Daemun, Kinnara Merk Trollis 200 2
Dactyl, Laekrian Hantu Kastor 240 8
Arborius, Borg Laekrian Daemun 2400 12 73
Gog, Klax, Kromon, Grypp Arborius Trollis 1000 5
Baldr, Viscus, Drude Grypp Kromon 3200 21 5
Alikorn Leviathan Viscus 40
Huli Dactyl Alikorn 40
Vladimir Huli Baldr 40
Garuda, Jura Merk Baldr 1000 7
Volos, Kobahl Jura Viscus 2400 17
Yanari Volos Vladimir 160
Sahran Volos Alikorn 160
Ankor Volos Sahran 5440 38 2
Slynx Ankor Baldr 300 2
Bolt Slynx Dactyl 180
Etzel Slynx Huli 240
Vazir Slynx Kinnara 120
Bronze Baldr Slynx 8000 68 28
Kelsis Bronze Draco 260
Habrok Bronze Drude 140
Lucius Habrok Etzel 8300 61 1
Gaspar, Luminark Lucius Bronze 8000 13
Kolo Gaspar Grypp 440
Ruma Gaspar Kelsis 440
Hydron* Gaspar Arborius 340
Garzev Gaspar Viscus 8000 13 1
Ith, Ettin Garzev Gaspar 27500 28
Amarok Ith Baldr 880
Durga* Ettin Luminark 1500
Enki Bronze Ettin 600
Noss** Garzev Baldr 900
Serabis Gaspar Luminark 7800 12
Septys Garzev Serabis 1460
Nassus, Naga Slynx Ruma 8000 267
Pandi, Elixis, Basileus Nassus Ettin 27500 25
Ferrox, Danzig, Urd Pandi Naga 27500 14
Karna Pandi Habrok 1800
Bander, Yersinu Ettin Danzig 48500 24
Munin Bander Septys 3100
Hugin Bander Kolo 2260
Caladbolg, Whalegnawer, Consurgens Yersinu Munin 100000 37 4
Sekoronos, Khrysos, Nix*** Ferrox Basileus 100000 34 8
Firactus Whalegnawer Karna 3400
Chthoteutos Serabis Sekoronos 100000 46 1
Lumen Whalegnawer Ith 1820

* Breeding Hydron and Durga at these stages is purely about getting a Legendary dragon at a point where it is useful. You can save tokens if you can be patient to breed later on with other combos as a byproduct.

** Noss, Vazir, Bolt, Vladimir and to an extent, Hugin are all steps that can be skipped when you reach them with this guide as they will be superfluous.

*** The jewel in the crown is that this method allows you to get Khrysos very early on if you wish. However, our feeling is that the Consurgens/Whalegnawer combo is more desired.

Abombs has since contacted me with an updated version of his methods as follows:

The early stages

Early Steps

Gold Dragons – Khrysos/Consurgens as first legendaries


Gold Dragons – Whalegnawer/Consurgens as first legendaries


10 thoughts on “War Dragons – Breeding Guide”

  1. nice job it make it very simple.but please i have a request.
    i need to know the parents of dodopyrr,and don’t say it’s divine
    because you say so about dodo when his parents are kinnara and aetrix.this aricle was posted from PG:
    Donivalis now available to Breed
    11-02-2015, 08:08 PM
    Greetings Dragon Lords!
    Donivalis is now available to breed for! If you obtained the Dodo and Dodopyrr dragons, you can now find this dragon available in your Breeding Castle. Donivalis will remain breed-able indefinitely. If you weren’t able to earn these dragons during these latest events, there will be additional chances in the future.

    In order to have Dodo and Dodopyrr set up to breed Donivalis, they have descended from their Divine status temporarily (you will not see them in the “Divine” tab in the breeding castle – just in the regular “Breeding” tab), but functionally they are still the same dragons and will be re-listed in the Divine category once the next game update (1.80) is released. Happy Hunting!
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    1. You cannot breed Dodopyyr. It is an event dragon, so is Dodo and both were until recently Divine. The fact that you can breed Dodo is a mistake. Some engineer put short cut code in to breed Dodo and accidentally forgot to remove it before they built the released version. The short cut code was not intended to be put into production but rather to help ease testing of other code. It is a bug, an error, a defect, a mistake. Breed Dodo quickly because I expect pocket gems will fix this error presently.

    1. Each method has their own advantages, though it has to be said that your method actually works out more expensive by about 15,000 tokens in the long run though we do grant you the fact that Danzig is available much earlier than this guide.

  2. Hello, I’m level 62 closed to 63 in a few days, next breeding event is comming, i was planing going for NIX DANZIG,
    But i have ETTIN, MUNIN and HUGIN, is better to breed CALADBOLG, YERSENIU or NIX DANZIG ? can i skip DANZIG and NIX. And back breed later?

      1. I was seeing what you could do with just a tad of back breeding (like you’ve done in the rest of this) because of how you tacked platinum on the end; the actual changes aren’t easy to say maybe? There’s a difference of 90k on Sekoronos/Khrysos and 95k on Chthoteuthis (and then there’s Cryzan and Quetz which seem to be missing entirely from the platinum one here). I hope I’m not missing something?

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