XP Event


This is a new event from all we have seen, and it certainly raises some valid questions and tactics.

How will XP gains be calculated?

From all we have seen on Amoeba’s website, players earn experience based upon their level. So a level 1 player earns a maximum of 4xp per attack (plus elite and research bonuses), whereas a level 148+ player will earn a whopping 38,697xp per attack on a base that gives them maximum XP.

With the right backing up, we can see high level players running amok with the backup of their allies and using all of their multipliers up on their whole stable and not just roster for huge points.

When will the event start?

With XP multipliers being a massive factor in points earned, we are crossing our fingers that every player will be given a level playing field. The only way to do this is to have the event start at the daily reset time in our minds.

When will we next see a cool portrait?

It’s been a long time now, and it seems like the special ‘Chosen One’ portraits being generated for the top 6 teams during December are taking their sweet time to arrive in play. We hope that PocketGems find it within their means to spend some time designing some new portraits for the masses!


War of Infinite Battles – what it takes

UPDATE: Energy refills reset each skirmish, so the figures below are going to be way off!

If, like us, you’re wondering “Hey, just exactly what do I need to do to get maximum rewards?”, look no further!

Pocket Gems clearly have this overwhelming desire to cause sleepless nights for all of us, and if you ask us it’s just a touch unrealistic in our opinion to have such high demands on the players.

To reach the top tier of reward, you are basically looking at needing to  use raids and because the leader has double points you are usually going to want to attack him to save on energy. This strategy may of course change depending on the points he gives! Sometimes it is far more beneficial to attack the highest level player in a team if he gives you more points.

We worked our spreadsheet a little harder this week, and although the exact chests per refill are not known to us we applied what we think is a reasonable expectation. Hey look, we even decided to try to catch 6 hours sleep in the process!

TL:DR; Basically you are going to need to attack targets giving you 185 points or more and raid them the maximum number of times. If you do this, expect to have to use almost 300 energy chests to get maximum points!


Dawn of the Runes

15/01/2016 Update

Check out Twitch – Pixxel on Thursday 21st at 3pm for the exclusive first look at the rune system!

We have no idea what is in store for War Dragons over the coming month with the recent announcement of the Dawn of the Runes.

An ancient power has awakened. Runes from the Age of Order are sparking with long lost magic. Dragons are growing restless, as archaic magic surges throughout the land. Could this be the power Gustav’s army has been tapping into?

This month introduces a brand new feature ready for you to harness – Runes! Keep an eye out for Runes that will be dropping throughout the game. As January unfolds, your most clever scholars will be studying how to harness this power to make your dragons and base more formidable than ever before. Prepare yourself this month as:

  • Starting with our War of Infinite Battles event, Runes will start dropping from treasure chests as prizes.
  • Runes will be dropping at an increased rate for this month’s events to celebrate the Dawn of Runes.
  • We will be releasing a set of Runes exclusive to this event.

What will these Runes do?

Will they be permanent or temporary in use?

Things could start getting quite complex in achieving the base defense of your dreams or fine tuning your dragon to be even more effective against certain base types. We certainly welcome an extra layer of strategy in choosing how to use runes effectively, though we have concerns that it may increase the gap between players on the fremium model vs the cash players.

Rubies – where to spend them

We don’t want to get all technical here, but really there are few worse sins than using your hard earned rubies for no reason.

Rubies for elite account

Controversial point: New accounts can’t buy elite account status, but by far the most effective use of rubies is to do just this. 7,900 rubies gets you elite account status for a whole year. Perfect. Now you get 75% extra XP and 35% more resources as well as being able to build two buildings at a time.

Rubies for wood/food

In all fairness, there are times where using rubies for resources makes sense. But really you want to be using this option as little as possible as it’s bloody well expensive. If it’s just a few gems, go for it. Especially if you have hundreds of thousands of resources and you’re under attack!

Rubies as speedups

You should never, ever use rubies to speed anything up directly. You are always by far better off going and spending those rubies on a speed boost pack at the forge for 1,750 gems and getting 10x 12 hour time boosts.

Rubies for tokens

If you’re fortunate enough to have an event with double tokens, then this is where you should be investing rubies. The main source of reward in this game is from solo rewards earned from events. Since the events rely on your power (and therefore dragons), having as many tokens available to breed the best possible dragons is a great course to choose.

Choosing the shortest mission timer will give you 1 token per ruby spent (regular) if you have an elite account and is far more ruby efficient than speeding up the hardest missions which give 0.2 tokens per ruby spent.

The balance

Obviously all of this is going to be down to personal taste. As you need higher levels to get access to more powerful dragon tiers, sometimes you are going to want to blow rubies on time boosts instead of gaining tokens.

Spending speed boosts

If we had it our way, nobody would spend speed boosts on anything other than buildings. Leveling dragons is slow, as is hatching them. The only time we recommend using speed boosts for hatching dragons is where you simply have to breed a dragon to gain access to another dragon during a breeding event.

Even that is tough though as higher tier dragons might not even get enough experience to breed before the end of an event.


War Dragons 1.90 Patch Notes

  • Fixed: A chat bug where the text would get cut off. Sorry about that!
  • Fixed: A bug where network bars would display as full when the battle was lagging.
  • Fixed: The app would crash when a teammate won an event battle. No more.
  • Improved the animation of the Event Island. Now with more splashing.
  • Improved a few dragon animations
  • Improved the loading screen for event menus. Progress will now be displayed.
  • Improved: Memory/performance upon returning from battle. Now you can attack as many times as your heart desires.
  • Updated the Darja value pack

Image Credit: Pocket Gems