Droyeuse: To breed or not to breed?

08/01/2016 Edit: The level caps have now been reduced in line with the current den requirements for the respective dragons (Sobek and Droyeuse).

Let’s face it, the last few events have taken their toll and the last thing you want to do is figure out whether all that work was worthwhile or not.

Here are the details:

Droyeuse is breedable with around 69,000 tokens. From all reports, you also get Elixis when you breed him.

If you are level 63 but less than 70

You should be able to breed him in your incubator if it is high enough level. If you are lower level than this, be thankful of Sobek as he seems to be shaping up to be a decent enough dragon.

At around level 63 you will be on your way to breeding gold dragons, if you haven’t already. That means that you will most probably have a few green legendary dragons and Amarok/Durga.

Amarok will be capped at level 24, which means he will have attack power of 73k and health of 791k

If you breed Droyeuse, he will have a starting attack power of 70k and health of 760k, which will be capped until you reach den 16.

This means that by blowing your tokens at level 63, you will end up with 60,000 tokens used on a dragon that is actually worse than Amarok (since Amarok has two resists, explosive shield and cure poison at this time).

If you are level 70+

If you are level 70 you are still going to want to consider if you want Droyeuse or not. By this time you will be well into breeding gold dragons, so by taking 60k tokens out of your pool you will be removing your progress towards any of the other gold dragons like Whalegnawer and Consurgens. At level 70, he only has access to Intimidating Roar, which his breeding buddy Sobek also has. There’s obviously a bit of difference in health/attack when comparing Sobek and Droyeuse at this time, but when you add 60k tokens into the mix you can easily start to regret your move.

If you also consider that with 50k tokens you can get both Yersinu and Bander, you probably start kicking yourself hard.


Don’t get Droyeuse unless you have nothing better to spend your tokens on. Since the den caps are higher than all other dragons in the game, it’s a complete waste of time waiting for him to reach the dizzy heights of the other legendary dragons.


Next event?

Whilst it is never easy to predict what event might crop up next, it seems like a long time coming since our last breeding event. That’s why we are tipping the next event to be a breeding event.

Have you been saving up your tokens?

Make sure you have a breeding strategy before you start, and if you run out of options don’t forget about those research eggs to help you gain more points!

Conquer event – the numbers

I’ve spent a lot of time working on these numbers for the event, which show exactly what it takes for you to get to where you need to and the rewards you will get.

Event Calculations

After listening to Pixxel on the live stream this morning, it seems clear that although the developers did state that obtaining Sobek would be possible for the casual player, they have changed their mind and it now requires a lot more dedication.


Conquer event 26/12/2015

This is the second part of the two part event to win several rewards. The first, and most appealing to those in the diamond leagues is the chance to become immortalized by being in the top 6 teams and obtaining a 3d statue and custom portrait for their members.

Rules on how this works here

Pocket Gems aren’t making it easy in this second half of the event, with additional acres only earned by using the Inner Fire boosts. With several dozen hours of farming chests, I can safely say that your resources will be stretched to attain the top level prizes here.


If your league is willing, try to arrange a boost truce. This means that all players don’t put defensive boosts on their base in order to reduce the acres stolen by their enemies. As personal rewards are usually more meaningful in the long run, this means all players in the league will benefit.


If you want to make sure your enemies don’t steal as many acres, you need to make sure that each and every single tower is boosted. Even those with no towers on the island!

Hunter, Warrior or Sorcerer?


At lower levels, sorcerers can be deadly things. Their area effect spells and summon warrior abilities allow them to stay alive for a very long time.

Unfortunately, as towers become stronger and mage towers appear, using a sorcerer is an exercise in futility. Add a canny defender on top of this, and all of a sudden your dragon is next to worthless as the method of attacking means that concentrated fire is impossible to quickly reduce a tower to dust.

Having said that, one of the best things you can do once it becomes available is to buy Darja. This dragon is incredibly strong, offering not only protection in the form of a Summoned Warrior, but also Reverse Projectiles and Chain Lightning. Darja can easily last you into your sixties and is strong all the way through until then.


The go to guy when things start getting serious. Warriors have the highest hitpoints of all dragons, and can focus their fire on one tower, making them perfect for attacking defended bases. Not only that, but they have many different dragons with the Explosive Shield spell which is an incredibly powerful spell.

Although Amarok is really strong, be wary of using all of your tokens to get him as soon as you see him. This can leave you with a long period of time with few strong dragons, and the token use to obtain him is much higher than a more economical method.


Some of the very best dragons are hunters, and they are deadly when used right. Many people make the mistake of tapping just a single tower when attacking with a hunter, but the fact is that they utilise the multi-touch technology of the iphone quite comfortably. With a claw like shape, there’s nothing stopping you from taking out as many as five towers all at the same time (though most top players concentrate on just three).

Hunters are really economical users of rage for the most part, with Lockdown and Deathgaze taking just one rage per shot. With Healing Mark, dragons like Drude and Ettin can be back in action in no time if they are able to complete on full health. This makes them great for helping out the weaker players in your team.