Event info

Just in case you were wondering, the new miracle details are as follows:

  • This event runs pretty similar to Blackbloods, once you defeat a base you move on to a progressively harder base.
  • Each base belongs to a certain tier, and only dragons from that tier can be used to attack.
  • Once your dragons are out of hitpoints, they can’t be used again unless a miracle is used to revive them.

Miracles  have a cost related to the tier of dragon as follows, but as of yet it is unclear whether miracles will heal one dragon, all dragons or just all within a certain tier:

TierMiracle Cost

New bug

With the breeding event now on, there appears to be a new bug introduced. You can actually have an egg incubating at the same time as your incubator is upgrading.

Somehow we have hatched Sekhem without the incubator actually being at the level it was supposed to, so it would be interesting to see what else can be incubated.

In light of the recent debacle with chest refunds, hopefully this is something that our readers can benefit from.

On a second note, it seems that food packs are back in gold chests so there should be less of a food shortage, as well as very reasonable numbers of clocks.

Updated info for Mehaten – Mythic Warrior

Okay, so we have some updated info for Mehaten here. Specifically more on what his abilities do. Though we haven’t seen Mehaten in action, he sounds pretty damn awesome. One important thing to note is that he has regular rage activated abilities as well as Solar Energy.


Ability NameAbility TypeNormal ModeEmpowered Mode
DaybreakPassiveAllows Mehaten to gain a small amount of Solar Energy for each building he destroysN/A
Superheated BreathActiveCauses Mehaten to deal more damage for a short time. Each building destroyed while this effect is active generates additional Solar Energy.An amplified beam of solar energy that deals additional damage and is capable of blasting right through enemy shields (such as those provided by a Storm Tower or Ice Tower) and damages the tower underneath.
Heat ShieldDefensiveSurrounds Mehaten in a sun-like shield and reduces incoming damage for a short amount of time. Also heals him for a small amount when activated. If hit by a Fire Turret, Mehaten gains a large amount of Solar Energy.It still heals Mehaten for a small amount of health and reduces incoming damage, but now on activation it also incinerates mid-air projectiles.
RadianceConditionalAvailable to activate when Solar Energy is full.

Activation blasts incoming projectiles out of the air, regains a moderate amount of health, and becomes empowered for the rest of the battle.

Massive new update for 2.50

Well, half of this is live for now as there are now systems in place for towers to go all the way up to level 40! The rest of the updates are due between September 13th – September 16th, and if we know PG at all we would expect it to be closer to the 16th!

At the time of writing, totems, fire turrets and ice turrets are still limited to level 35. Also, new builder hut levels, storage hut levels and farms/mills also get a few more levels to 29.

The most exciting new features of 2.50 though are the introduction of new dragons in a tier called Sapphire tier. These come complete with a number of special abilities exclusive to Sapphire, but what is new is a new level of dragon – The Mythic Dragon.

Sapphire tier will include 2 Legendary Hunters, 2 Legendary Sorcerers and 2 Legendary Warriors, plus a single Mythic Warrior.

2 more Sapphire tier dragons are in the works, with an unknown release date.

Mythic Warrior

This dragons will feature a unique, complex spell set and new mechanics: One passive, one conditional, one defensive, and one offensive ability.

His normal attack as well as his defensive and offensive abilities allow him to build up a resource called Solar Energy. When Solar Energy is full, he can activate his Radiance Ability.

Activating Radiance transforms this dragon into his upgraded form with empowered abilities for the remainder of the battle.

The information we got was unclear, but these are the new Mythic Abilities:

Nocturnal Fissure:  Opens a swirling vortex in front of him for 2 seconds which destroys projectiles and channels a portion of that damage to health to himself.

Crumble to Dust: Turns the earth at the base of the island’s towers into swirling sand that creeps up the sides of each tower. Affected towers deal reduced damage and take increased damage.


Capture the flag!

Hey all, looks like this weeks event is capture the flag.

We were pretty excited about this event the last time around, with the general idea being that you were involved in a series of mini wars where you captured the flags of your opponents.

The more flags you own, the more your points would be!

In terms of scoring, individually you earned points based on who you were attacking.

Website updated!

For the longest time now, we have had issues with how things were looking. Hopefully the newer menu layout will be easier to navigate, and we now have the ability to use tables in a lot more effective way.

In the meantime, enjoy our latest reviews of Quetz and Kelvin on their respective pages!



Quickest Way to gain XP

There are two forms of XP in War Dragons. One being XP earned by dragons to level up, and the other being player XP, which is required to rise in level to gain access to newer and more powerful stuff.

Dragon Experience

A players level determines the maximum number of experience points earned by a dragon. For example, at the lowly level of 1, a player can earn up to 102 experience for his dragons at a time. However, once you reach level 148, the cap for experience is a whopping 38,700!

Clearly, the best way to level dragons is to gain levels – attacking the easiest base possible that earns the dragon maximum XP for your level at the time. There are a number of bases that players use, known as training bases, that achieve this to great effect.

Joining a team with higher level players than you will help greatly. Having one player join to help, using just one dragon each will still give you maximum XP. It is normally considered polite to ask if you swap out a dragon at the start to reduce healing times.

Using multipliers is important. For your weak dragons, you are going to want to ask for help from your team so that you can maximize the x5, x4 and x3 multipliers. Once your multipliers have been used, a great way to gain quick XP for your weak dragons is to join as many of your team mates battles as possible and ask if you can kill the base at the end.

Player Experience

There are two ways to gain experience. The quick way, and the right way. See, lower level towers give more xp per time spent than higher level towers. But having a base full of weak towers (a long base) is significantly worse than a base full of strong towers (a short base).

Some might argue that base defence really doesn’t matter – since there are always dragons that can smash your base in one attack. At the end of the day, choose a strategy that you feel comfortable with and stick to it.

Using rubies for timers is essential when trying to level up fast, as is having a team that can help you with wood donations. If you have spare cash, sometimes it can be really worth it to buy 10 gold chests during events – but the special value packs often hold 17,500 rubies and 32x 12 hour timers, which is a lot of timers for towers!


Now accepting donations

If you are avid users of the site, you would have noticed that we have had a little downtime recently. This is purely down to the increased bandwidth being used by an increasing umber of users.

To cover these costs, we have had to purchase a costlier plan to help keep the site up at all times – and to cover the costs just needs just a few dollars a month from just a few users to keep us up. If you think the site is worth keeping up, I’d be delighted for the support.

Platinum dragons breeding guide

Not quite pretty, but with the breeding event coming up it was important to get an extension for the breeding guide as you all know it!

This assumes you have chosen to breed Consurgens and Whalegnawer first as per our original breeding guide.

Tokens New Dragons Parent 1 Parent 2
32000 Mune Ferrox Consurgens
40000 Jagra,Shivano Whalegnawer Mune
64000 Rizar,Kaiju Shivano Jagra
5560 Khrysos Danzig Kaiju
6900 Sekoronos Basileus Jagra
2700 Cerbero Munin Kaiju
2400 Nosfer Pandi Rizar
64000 Necura, Vulcan, Kelvin Cerbero Nosfer

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